Lash Bond and Seal

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Dual end lash adhesive makes your lash routine much easier, one side is bond, it has a tiny spiral brush head to help apply glue more evenly, and being as simple to use as mascara . The other side is lock, it helps form a protective layer after wearing plume individual lashes, makes the lashes maintain a longer retention!
  • No¬†burning.¬†Safe¬†to¬†sensitive¬†skin.¬†¬†Last¬†up¬†to¬†48¬†hours!
  • Color:¬†Black/Transparent
  • Shelf¬†life:¬†6¬†months
  • Made¬†In¬†South¬†Korea
  • Curl¬†your¬†lashes¬†first.
  • Apply¬†bond¬†end¬†on¬†natural¬†lashes.
  • Apply¬†plume¬†individual¬†lashes¬†on your¬†natural¬†lashes¬†
  • Use¬†tweezers¬†to¬†make¬†the¬†eyelashes¬†blend¬†better.
  • Apply Lock end to form a protective layer on the surface of eyelashes to help maintain longer
  • Shake¬†a¬†few¬†times¬†to¬†mix¬†oily¬†makeup¬†remover¬†before¬†use.
  • Take¬†a¬†cotton¬†pad¬†and¬†saturate¬†with¬†Remover.
  • Wait¬†30¬†seconds¬†and¬†gently¬†swipe¬†along¬†the¬†skin¬†texture.
  • Gently¬†clean¬†lashes¬†with¬†cotton¬†swabs¬†and¬†oily¬†makeup¬†remover.
  • The above information is for this glued-based product.

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