The New Cult Favorite: Individual Lashes

False lashes have been around for a long, but there has recently been a lot of buzz about them. Individual lashes are one of the most significant developments in the cosmetic business and are far from a fad. It's a thriving trend that's quickly becoming a fan favorite all around the world. Because of its ability to add volume and length to natural lashes, individual lashes will grow in popularity. Women adore the fact that the superfine band and various styles make their eyes appear younger, more stunning, and more gorgeous, in addition to saving time on beauty tasks such as applying mascara.

This product is glue-based lashes. The above information is for this glued-based product.

Why Choose Individual Lashes?

Individual lashes drastically alter your appearance. They help you appear younger since plush and curly lashes are a hallmark of freshness and youth. Individual lashes may open up your eyes and make you seem more awake without the need for any extra cosmetics. Furthermore, looking good is usually the finest method to boost your self-esteem.

Compared to eyelash extensions, individual lashes are more flexible in terms of timing. You can modify the style of lashes to suit your look and occasion, just like you can change your lipstick color. In addition, individual lashes are more versatile in terms of style than strip false lashes. This also allows you to experiment with various false lash styles such as natural, doll eye, cat eye, dramatic, and other unique options. Most importantly, you can get the fun of DIY eyelashes.

DIY lash extension

Eyelash Extensions Vs. Mascara Vs. Individual Lashes:

While eyelash extensions can effectively complement or improve the appearance of your lashes, they also have drawbacks that cannot be ignored. It is potential for irritation or infection to occur if adequate cleanliness and application standards are not satisfied. Even if there is no allergy, the chemicals in the glue might irritate the eyelids. For people with sensitive eyes, it may not be an entirely suitable option. On top of that, on the one hand, eyelash extensions are relatively costly compared to traditional mascara or individual lashes, so determining the time between extensions is a matter to ponder. On the other hand, the maintenance of eyelash extensions is not an easy task.

The mascara is the easiest way to define, extend and thicken your natural eyelashes. A good mascara creates an impression of a sexy but not contrived look. However, the chemicals in mascara can be more or less harmful to your own lashes. Excessive mascara use might potentially result in lash loss. In addition, 90% of the time, we tend to speed through it or over-apply, resulting in clumpy-looking eyelashes. If your goal is artistic makeup, or if your lashes are in bad condition, too short, or too soft, it is difficult to create a dramatic effect with mascara. Unlike mascara which can make your lashes brittle and weak, individual lashes act as an alternative to reduce the impact on your natural lashes, thus allowing them to grow thicker and healthier.

Can Individual Lashes Be Worn Multiple Times?

Individual lashes are for people who wish to build their ultra-customized style and have more lash expertise. There is no hard and fast rule for how long individual lashes should last; it all depends on how you care for them. With proper cleaning and care, it can be reused up to 10 times.

How To Properly Apply and Remove Individual Lashes:



Make sure your eyelids are clean and free of moisture and makeup so the cluster can be applied easily and stay in place all day. If necessary, curl your lashes first.


Gently wipe off excess glue from the brush tip on the tube and lightly brush through your own lashes like using mascara. A little glue will last a long time!


Use the applicator or any curved tweezers as you desired, select the lash of your preferred length and gently grab the lash root and lift it up from the tray.


Begin with the inner or outer corner of your eyes, and gently place the plume individual lashes on your natural lashes for a desired full look.

1 MIN FAST Removal:

In addition to using regular makeup removers to remove lashes, you have two great options: Gentle Lash Adhesive Remover & Plume Individual Lash Remover.

Gentle Lash Adhesive Remover

Saturate a cotton pad with Gentle Lash Adhesive Remover. Press over the eyes for the 30s and gently wipe off the lashes.

Plume Individual Lash Remover

Apply the remover to the base of the individual cluster lashes, and then brush the lashes from the bottom-up many times until the individual lashes fall off.

Get Yours Today:

Indeed, over the years, false lashes have played an important part in defining beauty standards. Individual lashes are a perfect choice if you have naturally sparse or thin lashes and want to make them appear wispy. Individual lashes offer you a natural and sophisticated appearance, and they may be worn with little to no makeup for a natural yet attractive look. They may also add power to your makeup look and finish it off if you truly want to stand out. So, why not try this trend out for yourself and see if you love it as much as everybody else?

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