Can I DIY a Kim K style with individual lashes?

My answer is YES! You can really become your own eyelash artist!

To achieve KIM K style, you need plume individual lashes and spike lashes.

What is Spike lashes?

  • The Spike Lashes are made by placing 0.10mm fans in a closed fan.Perfect for " Kim K " lash styling.16 rows per tray, 160 spikes in total. The single spike is cheaper than the others.
  • The roots are equipped with magnetism, which can be easily grasped without scattering, and novices can easily graft. The sense of modeling is strong, It looks like a Barbie doll.
  • Cruelty-free and vegan friendly.

spike lashes

What is KIM K style?

One of the most common requests lash extension artists get from their clients is to "make my lashes look like Kim Kardashian's." Thus, the Kim K style eyelash extension was born.
wispy style

This is a perfect kim k style picture, drafted by a professional eyelash extension technician. But as DIY lash extensioners, of course we can do it ourselves! And the trick to achieve this style is: use two different lengths!

You can grafted your eyelashes with individual lashes, we command wild/thick/sassy/luxury/twin flower, and then grafted with spike lashes. 


To achieve Kim K style, we can divide the process into two steps, base and spike.
For the base, you can use the individual cluster lashes. And 10mm\12mm are perfect.
For the spike, using the spikes that are 2mm longer than other groups.It will give your a fresh and eye-catching effect.

The wearing method of the two kinds of eyelashes is the same, the only difference is whether it is a cluster or a single one. In addition, these can also be used to give the "Wet Lash" effect.

If you are interested in this, give it a try right away! We are looking forward to your beautiful eyelashes photos~ 

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