EasyLash DIY Cluster Lash Kit: Your Shortcut to Mesmerizing Eyes!

Elevate your lash game effortlessly with the EasyLash DIY Cluster Lash Kit – a game-changer for every beauty enthusiast. This all-in-one kit is your ticket to stunning, comfortable lashes without the fuss. Let's unveil the magic that makes this kit a must-have!

Why EasyLash?

"Supreme Comfort, Unbeatable Value, and Travel-Ready!"
Say goodbye to the hassle of assembling multiple products – EasyLash brings you everything you need for fabulous lashes in one chic package. The kit boasts 72/84 finely crafted lash clusters, a 2IN1 lash bond and seal, lash remover, and the genius LashRising applicator. Convenience meets versatility in this travel-ready solution.

How to Achieve Lash Perfection: Quick Steps for Application

1. Curl & Prep: Begin by curling your natural lashes for a seamless blend.
2. Bond & Brush: Apply a light coat of the 2IN1 lash bond onto your natural lashes or the cluster lash band.
3. DIY Your Look: Customize your lash arrangement with the super-fine band lashes. It's your lash map – your rules!
4. Pinch with Precision: Use the LashRising applicator to gently pinch the lashes for a flawless, natural look.
5. Lock It In: Once the glue dries, seal the deal with a thin layer of LOCK for lashes that stay put.

Saying Goodbye: Effortless Removal in Two Simple Steps

1. Dissolve the Bond: Apply lash remover to the base of the cluster lashes – let it work its magic for 30 seconds.
2. Gently Remove: Use a cotton pad to effortlessly wipe away lash clusters and any residue. Rinse, repeat if needed.

Caring for Your Lashes: A Quick Aftercare Tip

After removal, a quick swipe with a makeup remover-dampened cotton swab ensures your lash band is ready for its next show-stopping appearance.

Your Beautiful Lashes, Your Way!

EasyLash DIY Cluster Lash Kit is not just about lashes; it's about embracing simplicity and enhancing your natural beauty. Effortless application, gentle removal, and a travel-ready design – your shortcut to mesmerizing eyes is here. Ready to transform your gaze? Grab your EasyLash kit now and let your eyes do the talking!

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