LashRising Lash Applicator

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LashRising Lash Applicator – your key to effortless, mesmerizing lashes. Elevate your beauty routine with this precision tool. Achieve stunning, perfectly placed lashes with ease. Your path to captivating eyes starts with LashRising.


  • Ergonomic Design, Tailored to You 
  • Seamless Fit & High Precision 
  • Elastic Paint for Lash Protection 
  • Avian-inspired Design 
  • Made in China

HOW TO APPLY: Get Lashed in 3 MIN

  • Gently grip the base of the cluster lash and then take off the lash cluster. 
  • Apply the lash glue/BOND on your eyelashes or on the lash band. 
  • DIY your own lash map and apply the lash clusters in your preferred way. 
  • Pinch the lashes together using LashRising Applicator for a better blend.


  • Applying a layer of LOCK on the closed part of the lash applicator or tweezers prevents lashes from sticking to the adhesive on the applicator, ensuring a smooth wearing experience.
  • Please avoid applying excessive force to expand the applicator outward to prevent damage. 
  • Do not store it in damp or high-temperature environments.

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