Plume Individual Lash Glue - Clear

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Say goodbye to your lashes popping up midday. BEYELIAN Plume Individual lash glue stays tacky 2 days long with its 48 hours hold! Never worry about false eyelashes falling on every party night!

Keep show your lash beauty!


  • No burning. Safe to sensitive skin.  Last up to 48 hours!
  • Color: Clear
  • Volume: 5ml
  • Shelf life: 6 months


  •  Curl your lashes first.
  •  Apply glue end on natural lashes.
  •  Apply plume individual lashes on your natural lashes
  •  Use tweezers to make the eyelashes blend better.
  •  Finish your lash routine.


  •  Shake a few times to mix oily makeup remover before use.
  •  Take a cotton pad and saturate with Remover
  •  Wait 30 seconds and gently swipe along the skin texture


  • Our lashes can last for up to 10 wears (if you treat them nicely).
  • Gently clean lashes with cotton swabs and oily makeup remover.
  • The above information is for this glued-based product.

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